Individual Research Profiles

Order a custom research profile on a donor or a prospect.

It is essential to know your donors and prospects. Know their wealth, know their passions.   A profile provides you with detailed information on a donor so that you learn more about the individual before meeting with him or her and making a major gift ask.

Profiles can assist in deciding your solicitation strategy and help determine gift type and focus. It also provides you with information on philanthropic involvements and information about his/her wealth so that you know how much they can give. Have information available that allows you to establish an immediate connection with the individual.  

Research profiles on individuals include:

  • In-depth biographical information
  • Professional Summary
  • Non-profit and philanthropic affiliations
  • Known philanthropic gifts
  • Corporate affiliations
  • Financial information (including indicators of wealth and wealth analyses, stockholdings, real estate, compensation)
  • Awards and honors

Make the most of your time and your prospect's time by ordering a research profile before a solicitation meeting.